Job: Family Teacher/Family Teaching Couple

Job Information:

Tennessee Family Solutions, Inc. (TFS) is seeking civic-minded married couples or single Family Teachers for its Family Teaching Program. Family Teachers provide full teaching and support for up to four persons with developmental disabilities who live in separate, but attached (duplex-style) three-bedroom homes, or single 3 bedroom homes. These homes are currently located in Hermitage, Smyrna and Murfreesboro, TN. Family Teachers work 12 to 14 hour days, five days a week and supervise home operations, budgets, and hire and supervise teaching assistants to help provide care for the two or three persons with disabilities within the attached home. TFS values the support successful Family Teachers can provide to the individuals in the home, that separate residential settings are provided to most Family Teaching Couples.

Responsibilities and Duties

The primary responsibility of the Family Teacher/Family Teaching Couple is to assure the proper operation of the Teaching Family Home in order to provide the best quality of life achievable by implementation of the Teaching Family Model of care for adults with Developmental Disabilities. Specific duties include:

1. Ensure that the Individual Support Plan(ISP) is being implemented;
2. Provide personal care for the individuals assigned to the FTM home;
3. Perform medication administration for clients;
4. Implement skill acquisition programs;
5. Implement behavior modification programs;
6. Take clients to medical and dental appointments;
7. Take care of home maintenance needs within their capabilities (e.g. changing light bulbs, putting up blinds, shampooing carpets, painting, etc.);
8. Ensure that the van assigned to the home received necessary maintenance;
9. Handle all staff scheduling for the home;
10. Provide pager coverage for their assigned home;
11. Oversee completion of required fire/tornado drills;
12. Ensure that unannounced visits are completed each month;
13. Ensure adherence to TFS Policies & Procedures;
14. See that Incident Report recommendations are completed;
15. Do shopping for the home;
16. Do training of staff for the home on vehicle use, training specific to the individuals served, etc.;
17. Supervise all employees who work in the home, performance evaluations, disciplinary action, etc.;
18. Oversee shadow training and home visits;
19. Oversee budgets for the home and clients;
20. Schedule and attend all medical and dental visits;
21. Ensure that all required consents from conservators are up to date;
22. Ensure end of month paperwork is submitted timely;
23. Maintain personal books for clients;
24. Collect data as requested by BA/BS;
25. Attend FTC meetings;
26. Participate in Focus meetings & certification process;
27. Conduct staff meetings;
28. Provide home tours when requested;
29. Get forms signed by conservators;
30. Keep conservators, family of clients, posted and maintain a positive relationship with them;
31. Handle monthly rent payments & balance client and house accounts;
32. Perform follow-ups as instructed by client account auditor;
33. Obtain food stamps for clients.


The Family Teacher/Family Teaching Couple position requires:
The ability to perform direct care with adults with developmental disabilities
The ability to learn a behavioral curriculum and achieve certification as a Family Teaching Couple
The ability to communicate through verbal and written mediums
The ability to observe, ask questions, listen actively, and give and accept feedback effectively
A high energy level, adaptability, assertiveness, patience and ability to work in a team environment
Knowledge of computers, specifically Microsoft applications; ability to work autonomously
Flexibility in assigned working hours
Time management and follow-up skills with ability to plan, organize and prioritize a large workload; and handle several tasks simultaneously
Operation of a motor vehicle is required which includes proof of a valid drivers license, an ability to maintain automobile liability insurance as required by state law in Tennessee and an ability to qualify as a driver under TFS insurance guidelines.

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